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Deinocheirus is an exceptionally large Ornithomimid dinosaur from Asia. The largest theropod that isn't a strict carnivore, Deinocheirus is from the Cretaceous and is comparable in size to Tyrannosaurus.

There is only one known species of Deinocheirus, which is D. mirificus.



An exceptionally bizarre animal, Deinocheirus is an extremely unique Theropod with a bodyplan like no other. Often compared to a giant goose, Deinocheirus' skull is more comparable to its smaller relative Gallimimus than similar sized theropods. With its long arms and humpback, Deinocheirus appeared to have a sort of 'potbelly', giving it a uniquely slouched appearance. Covered from head in a toe in a layer of shaggy feathers, Deinocheirus' impressive size and unique adaptations help it stand out to become one of the most interesting dinosaurs.


So far confirmed, Deinocheirus in the game will be content with tropical, wetland, and temperate climates, similar to the climates seen in the Nemegt Formation, which owns up to it's popular association of being a giant duck.


A mystery to science for decades, Deinocheirus was for the longest time only known through remains of its arms until new remains were found in 2014. Deinocheirus has the longest arms of any known dinosaur, not counting the forelimbs of any quadrupedal genus.

Deinocheirus was named in 1970 by Halszka Osmólska and Ewa Roniewicz and Its name means horrible hand.